Our digital universe

A tenacious and passionate team

A Team, a Vision, a Project.

We are a team of adventurers!

Born into a real and imaginary world, mixing immaterial and tangible. The digital world is our passion. Our vocation has no limits. Our objectives are to help you meet your goals.

Team work

We create digital products with youWith no limits, with a lot of passion, and above all, we get straight to the point. Everything is possible but it's not all necessary. That's why we will build a tailored and optimized project together.

An exponential energy

To achieve this, we produce creative energyThis energy will be used to build your project and will make it exciting. Our motto is to create with passion because a product created with passion is a beautiful product that arouses interest. This interest is beneficial for your image, your service, your product.

Discover the unknown

Our ambition
requires a vision
We have a wide angle view. We are pushing the conceptual and technical limits to reveal unexpected areas of action. We can offer you the possibility of working together and opening up new perspectives.


The digital world has no limits. Let's explore it with passion and our eyes wide open.


We are almost all over the world.

NewQuest is located in France, in Australia and in the United States

Our partners, certifications
& expertise

  • SoftBank
  • Ingenico
  • OZON
  • PayPal
  • OVH
  • MailChimp
  • PrestaShop
  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • Sylius
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