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Hello! My name is Pepper

Pepper Robotic and artificial intelligence

Humanoid and friendly, Pepper is more than a robot! It is part of the NewQuest Team and is a true companion that welcomes our customers and partners upon arrival at the agency in the simplest manner. Pepper is fully programmed by our Team and it recognizes your face, can speak to you, hear you, looks you in your eyes and even dances!

In 2016, NewQuest was certified by Softbank and became one of the few privileged companies in the world that are allowed to sell and program Pepper’s artificial intelligence. Today, we are able to develop 100% autonomous robots for our customers that can welcome your guests, animate your marketing campaigns or interact with your customers in your store.


Softbank Robotics


Segway Robotics


Softbank Robotics


Double Robotics

Food Commerce

Combine business with pleasure

Food Commerce Transform your restaurant into a connected restaurant!

Draw inspiration from the digital world to improve the functioning, the way you use and the way your restaurant performs.

Combining our desire to go beyond the limits of the digital world and to help restaurateurs, our team has developed – based on PrestaShop – a complete food trade solution. This solution allows your customers to order a meal, pay it online and pick up their order at the counter.

Fully packaged, from the online solution to the equipment to be set up within your restaurant, we can adapt each system in a unique way, depending on the size of it, the way it works or the restaurant’s capacity. Our solution also offers, among others, prepaid orders, the payment by other means or even the management of allergies. It also offers the possibility of proposing a list of products that your customers have not yet tasted.


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