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A website that will make you smile :)

Case studies

How did we use storytelling to explain a company's philosophy ?

Skills used:
  • Ergonomic design
  • Illustration
  • Responsive design
  • Storytelling
  • UX / UI
  • Videos
  • WordPress

With 14 famous candy and chocolate brands, Carambar & Co is more than a mere company: it embodies a real state of mind, French know-how and an unconditional love for sweets.

Each of these brands brings a smile to your face, puts you in a good mood and allows you to enjoy unique moments. So, to put this incredible adventure in the spotlight, the company had to imagine an original way to tell their story and to insure their digital visibility.
  • 1000 motivated employees
  • 14 legendary brands
  • 6 sites in France

01 Reflect Create a brand image for the company

Carambar & Co is a new, young and agile company, founded in 2017. With 14 famous brands that have their own values and images, the company is naturally the incarnation of the sweet tooth, in the pursuit of pleasure.

Our mission was clear: understand Carambar & Co’s state of mind and use it to create an original website.

Illustration of company's universe Illustration of company's universe

5 goals

  • illustration of Carambar & Co's identity
    Emphasize Carambar & Co’s identity
  • illustration of Carambar & Co's storytelling
    Create a fun and original storytelling
  • illustration of Carambar & Co's employees
    Bring employees to the forefront
  • illustration of Carambar & Co's 14 brands
    Put Carambar & Co’s 14 brands in the spotlight
  • illustration of Carambar & Co's employment brand
    Assert a strong employment brand
bandeau image réflexion Carambar & Co

02Create An editorial policy and a corporate identity

The graphic policy

Carambar & Co logo

We created a colorful, modern and original brand identity. Our ambition was to create a sense of surprise on the website, down to the smallest details.

POPPINS Pacifico
  • Carambar & Co safety reinsurance
  • Carambar & Co employees happiness reinsurance
  • Carambar & Co made in France reinsurance
  • pastille couleur rose de la charte graphique Carambar & Co #E30D7D
  • pastille couleur jaune de la charte graphique Carambar & Co #FEDE27
  • pastille couleur bleue de la charte graphique Carambar & Co #0BABF1
  • pastille couleur marron de la charte graphique Carambar & Co #411C0A

The editorial policy

NewQuest imagined an innovating storytelling, in order to create a unique website, that does not look like any other. So, during the creation phase, we helped Carambar & Co to make choices about how it should talk to their customers.

In this way, our team developed an original and funny tone. For example, to create proximity to the customer and to assert the image of a young and dynamic company, we decided to use “tu” with the target.

Yes, the wording was thought to faithfully put the company’s philosophy in the spotlight. So, we wrote all the content, in order to reach specific goals!

bonbon carambar au caramel
Carambar & Co sketchbook design researches

03 Design Develop a fun and original website

We used boomerang videos for the Home page !

To assert Carambar & Co’s philosophy, our team imagined and realized boomerang videos. The goal was to illustrate one of the main missions of the company: put a smile on everyone’s face.

macbook pro mockup

A specific design for each brand

Each brand is unique. For this reason, we developed a page with a specific design for each of the 14 brands.

ipad mockup

Fun animations

We designed all the illustrations, animations and effects that you can see on the website. It was the best way to show what Carambar & Co truly is.

A know-how couronne 100% French !
imac mockup

An interactive map

Carambar & Co perfectly embodies what French know-how is. To show it, we developed an interactive map. It presents all the company’s factories and offices.

iphones mockup
  • icone usine Marcq-en-Baroeul
  • icone usine Saint-Genest
  • icone usine Strasbourg
  • icone usine Vichy
  • icone usine Poulain
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