IntroductionGust Have Your connected restaurant

Case studies

How digital can improve the operation, uses, traffic and performances of a restaurant ?
Skills used:
  • Augmented Architecture
  • Community management
  • Market research
  • PrestaShop
  • Responsive design
  • Store interface
  • Storytelling
  • WordPress
Gust Have Connected restaurant concept

Gust Have is a connected restaurant. The client goes to the website and creates his account. He chooses his menu as well as the time slot to retrieval his order and he pays online by credit card. He receives an alert SMS when his order is ready and he only has to come to pick it up, fitted with its order form on his phone. And this without waiting in line ! He can savor his meal on site or take it away, it's his decision !

The Gust Have solution is THE innovative and connected answer allowing to restorers to get through the digital. The concept, simple and effective, creates an evolution of notoriety and increase in turnover.

This is the principle of Click & Collect, and when you say that the offer is fully packaged it goes from the online solution to the equipment to be put in place in the restaurant..

Define an identity
Mixing Authenticity & Digital Creating an attractive brand universe

The name and concept of the brand appeal to an urban, active and hurried audience but also eager to eat tasty dishes at lunch break.

GUST HAVE is born directly from this observation.
A subtle association of two aspects: tradition & modernity. His pronunciation in English sounds like "Must Have" while the speech in French reveals a local first name, anchoring the brand on the territory and bringing an important capital of sympathy.

French first name : identification and capital of sympathy Must Have : trendiness Gustatif : in French it means gourmand and tasty
Title : Debby & KG Skinny
Body of the text : Debby & KG Skinny
Graphic charter Gust Have
Give a humane dimension The birth of Guss

We have designed all the illustrations used and present on all digital and physical media (goodies, workwear, decoration).

The animated character is thus exploited to infinity on the numerous digital supports.

Define the supports & interfaces
Accessible on all devices Conception of a responsive website

The E-commerce platform allows the user to easily orders online and pick up his meal at a specific time without waiting.

We made the ergonomic and functional conception of the entire interfaces of the site on all media udsed by the reservation platform: from the mobile version and its application to the giant touch terminals, passing through the tablet and desktop screens.

Conception of the interfaces
1 / 6
  • Daily menu

    A quick view of the menu selection of the week and quick access to the order.

  • Choice of the formula

    The user can choose between 3 formulas proposed by Guss. He makes this choice according to his desires and hunger on a combination of starters, main courses and desserts.

  • Today's special

    Gusthave proposes daily's menu for each day of the week. The display proposes two options : choosing the day the user need to eat, or for the greediest, choosing the day that correspond to his favorite menu.

  • À la carte !

    It is also possible to compose your own meal with a selection including salads, dishes and desserts to choose from. The user makes his selection according to his desires and by category.

  • The perfect timing

    To allow maximum flexibility to the buyer and regulate the flow of retrieval of orders, the user chooses a time slot.

  • Client account

    The client accesses to his personal account (specific information, special offers, virtual loyalty card, etc.).

Interactive terminal Trim and conception

We have at our disposal a full range of touch sensitive and connected sreen, customizable, and able to meet the needs of different restorers.

Develop a solution scalable From the internet to the fork

The user orders on the website

02In the kitchen

The orders to be prepared are displayed, the kitchen ticket prints and the cook indicates that the order is ready.


Sending a personalized SMS to inform the user that he can pick up his order with his ID. Send a personalized SMS to inform the user that he can pick up his order with his ID.
The client receives an alert at each steps of his order and he can also ask our chat bot or by text message to know the daily's menu.

04At the checkout

The ready commands are displayed, the server indicates that the command is removed and the kitchen ticket prints.

Bon appétit !
Simplified user path
Étape 1 I order
Étape 2 I choose my day
and time of withdrawal
Étape 3 I come to get my
meal without a queue
And all around Communicate
Communiquer Communiquer Communiquer Mug Gust have Flyer Gust have
Create a community Improve the visibility

The ambience and interior design of the restaurant was entirely designed by our design team.

Improve the client experience The importance of digital in restauration Guss
An online service

Benefit from the internet visibility in order to reach potential customers and update information to optimize our presence on social networks.

Click & Collect

No more queuing, no more reservation required, and no more stress about the number of cutlery to be expected. The objective? Save time for the customer and the restaurant owner!

Gérer les commandes Manage the orders

Our platform makes it possible to have a visibility on the volumes and thus, to know what to anticipate, step by step.

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