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How to create a good user experience
when a lot of the content must stand out?

Skills used:
  • Back Office
  • Conception
  • Conception
  • Design
  • Design
  • Design thinking
  • Heeds
  • Interactive map
  • Responsive
  • UX / UI
  • WordPress
  • WP Store locator

Ninkasi has been NewQuest’s client for several years. Perfect alchemy between brewery, restaurant and concert hall, Ninkasi’s pubs are now the place to be in Lyon.

Ninkasi contacted the NewQuest team to redesign their website. Three keywords: performance, user-friendly and simplicity.

  • Fluidity
  • Custom
  • wordpress
  • User
  • User-friendly
  • performance
  • Editable
Design Create a strong brand identity.

The first step of our work was to create an atmosphere similar to that of Ninkasi’s pubs in order to build a strong brand identity. So, we chose to develop an elegant and warm design, with a red, beige and black color scheme.

Colors :
User experience
An user-friendly website

The challenging part of this project was to structure the content in order to allow users to easily and quickly find what they need.

# 1

A sticky menu

allows easy and intuitive browsing on the website and highlights the different contents.

Présentation site Ninkasi
To improve the user experience, innovating solutions have been implemented. # 2 quote

WP Store locator

has been set up to allow users to find the closest Ninkasi pubs.

# 3 quote

An advanced search engine

has been developed with filters such as location, date and type of concert. Definitely the best way to find a concert!

All the contents are editable

The website was designed in a way that Ninkasi’s team can now edit all the content on their website. For instance, it is possible to edit or even add a page with just a few clicks, and without the need for technical skills. That’s why we built a custom back-office, perfectly adapted to the client’s needs.

# 1


Allow Ninkasi to make changes to their website, as the company evolves.

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