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How to develop a brand identity, a concept and federate a community by focusing on one simple idea and a distinct positioning?
Skills used:
  • Blogging
  • Brand identity
  • Digital communication
  • Digital strategy
  • E-commerce platform
  • E-mailing campaign
  • E-Marketing
  • Ergonomic design
  • Illustration
  • Logistic interface
  • Logo
  • Lookbook
  • Market research
  • Media kit
  • PrestaShop
  • Responsive design
  • Storytelling
  • UX / UI
  • WordPress

It all started with the objective of selling top quality swimsuits and beach accessories on one and only one website! An e-commerce platform with exclusive offers and premium brands defined by unique products. Thus, the position of the brand becomes its strength!

Ensemble de vêtements de plage Maillot de bain Maillot de bain
Thinking about the concept First steps and definition of the brand's core values.
The core brand values
Circle of keywords premium summer emotion different sensual sexy feminine
Mood Boards Different inspirational photos sand picture in background

Creation of a lexical set and a trend set. Feminine and premium inspirations focused on travels.

paysage de plage au Brésil
Ôde à Baïa
flèche gauche

Poetry and grandiloquence

flèche droite

Baïa means beach in Brazilian!

In Brazilian, Baïa means beach. An ode to the beach.

A wink to the founder but also to the famous Brazilian beach named Bahia do Sancho, a place where the idea to create this website was born.

Creation Creation of the visual identity and editorial line.
Portrait d'une mannequin
Colors of odabaia Plusieurs illustrations dans différentes postures Six icônes pour Odabaia
Illustration d'un modèle en maillot de bain
Image de nuage en fond
The editorial line

A premium and feminine universe, a soft and relaxed atmosphere. To define Ôdabaïa's editorial line, we have worked as a team to ensure consistency between the visual identity, the written contents and the communication. A delicate wording has been chosen and the identity of the brand is now clearly recognizable on the website.

Feuilles de palmier Conception
Ecran d'ordinateur
Smartphone Tablette tactile
Nuages flotants
To go further… Stationery


To enhance products

Emballage personnalisé des produits
Cartes de visite

Personalized cards

To secure customer loyalty !

Nuage en fond Cartes de visite
Icone coeur
Actively promoting the brand To build a strong community
The newsletter through a weekly rendezvous.

Creation of an editable template with Ôdabaïa's colors. The newsletter has been designed as a weekly rendezvous to introduce the new products, the last trends and to give inspiration through travel ideas.

Partnership with influencers in order to strengthen Ôdabaïa's notoriety and to widen target groups.

Successful collaborations...

  • + 2 000 followers on Instagram
  • A conversion rate of 16% from social platforms
  • + 56% more shares in a month
  • + 3 publications that mentioned the brand
Trois influenceuses pour la marque
Social media

Social media strategy in line with the brand's values. Creation of a glamourous universe to reflect the website’s identity. Thus, all publications are built with a short text and highlight the products through feminine terms.

Blog posts be inspired to dream.

Three entries:

Dream destination, Our Favorites and Trends.

Blog posts with a casual atmosphere thanks to the wording. Different subjects such as vacation, Ôdabaïa’s brands and travel ideas.

Webdesign du site en fond
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