IntroductionOlympique LyonnaisMore than an online ticketing service, the beginning of an adventure.

Case studies

How does our UX design expertise allow us to develop a fluid online ticketing service that is capable of presenting the entire marketing offer?
Skills used:
  • API interface
  • Brand identity
  • Digitick
  • E-commerce platform
  • Ergonomic design
  • Market research
  • Pacifa
  • PrestaShop
  • Responsive design
  • Subscription
  • UX / UI


When you develop the online ticketing website of a famous French soccer club, you have to build a website with a carefully thought out fluid user experience. An essential condition when you want to obtain an efficient online store that will maintain optimal service on busy days.




We have developed a user-friendly and intuitive online ticketing store, in collaboration with the Digitick team who was in charge of the back-office part. Two major axes are at the heart of our thinking: to allow Internet users to buy their seats as easily as possible and give them quick and easy access to all of the club’s offers.


User experience

A fluid user journey

To ensure a unique user experience, we designed the online ticketing website “mobile first”.
Objective: to develop a user-friendly web site focusing on a fluid purchasing experience.

Our goal was to design a minimalistic online store with a simplified checkout allowing the user to book seats in just a few clicks.

To make it easier for fans to choose their seats, we have implemented a high-performance visualization tool.



Promote all the club’s offers

Throughout the year, the Olympique Lyonnais proposes various B2B and B2C offers. To promote this full service, we have considered an up-selling and cross-selling approach.
Objective: to allow fans and businesses to access the best services and complete their experience inside the stadium.

OL Museum   Escape room   Visit the stadium   Premium experience  

OL Museum   Escape room   Visit the stadium   Premium experience  


Tickets and
season passes

To completely dematerialize the experience, a specific customer account area has been developed on the website. It allows fans to access their tickets and get all the information about their season pass.


Traffic peaks

An online queue for exceptional traffic peaks

In order for online ticketing systems to work properly during exceptional traffic peaks, we also designed an online queuing system. Set up by Digitick, this tool helps regulate traffic, avoid malfunctions and maintain a high-quality customer experience.

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