IntroductionLight house A connected building
for an augmented architecture

Case studies

How can the digitalisation of your building plunge your visitors into an original and innovative augmented architecture?
Skills used:
  • Augmented Architecture
  • Brand identity
  • Connected objects
  • Digital communication
  • Ergonomic design
  • Illustration
  • Interactive design
  • Interactive installation
  • Interactive map
  • Logo
  • Media kit
  • Setup and maintenance
  • Storytelling
  • UX / UI
  • Videos

An original and innovative building concept for Somfy with several objectives and vocations:

  • Tells the story of the company, its brand and its path.

  • Offers an original experience to its visitors while discovering the range of Somfy products.

  • Has an experience center in the heart of the company.

  • Shows Somfy's openness to innovation by digitizing the building to the max.

Create the narrative universe


  • Typography

    A curved and elongated typography, symbolizing the futuristic vision of the Somfy building, thought and designed by our team.

  • Design

    Immerse the user into different interfaces and objects that stand out from each other, while relying on a common baseline: “Inspiring a better way of living accessible to all”.

  • Video

    Plenty of videos along the route have been created by our team and contribute to the overall dynamics of the visit.

Guide the visitor


  • Ground floor
    The reception’s totem

    An intuitive and fun touch screen to discover the philosophy and technology of this building.

    totem somfy
  • Ground floor
    The connected sensor

    A counter of the number of connected objects in the world.

    capteur connecté
  • Ground floor
    The Photobooth

    To immortalize your visit.


At the heart of the experience
and the brand universe


  • First floor
    The tactile wall
    maison somfy

    A 4 meter graphic wall mount that comes alive by touching it.

  • First floor
    The RFID table

    A digital table where figurines activate videos thanks to their light footprint.

    RFID chip
    somfy table

    Figures are illustrating each time of the day…

  • First floor
    Back home

    Your garage door and your rolling shutters open automatically thanks to geolocation

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